WORKSHOP - Enterprise Grade Tetrate Istio Distribution on Amazon EKS


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Tetrate offers an Istio distribution that is a great fit for enterprises' unique service mesh requirements and use cases. While the functionality and most of the code is identical to the standard Istio distribution, Tetrate Istio Distribution (TID) offers a longer support period and is maintained with all required security patches. Tetrate also offers an enterprise-level support subscription for Istio and FIPS-verified distributions of Istio.In this workshop you will learn how to:
  • Deploy AWS EKS clusters with the Istio service mesh extension
  • Deploy an application on an AWS EKS Istio-enabled cluster
  • Implement mTLS authorization rules                         
  • Configure traffic-steering intelligent rules for blue/green deployment
  • Introduce synthetic environment conditions (circuit breaker, fault injection, request timeouts) to test the application
 In this workshop, you'll learn to identify Istio use cases in your environment and implement or extend your service mesh deployment.
Workshop prerequisites:
  • Users should have an AWS account available
  • IAM roles should allow EKS cluster deployment
  • Subscription to the free offering on AWS Marketplace
 The following binaries are required on your workstation:
  • AWS CLI, kubectl, eksctl, helm (please make sure that you use supported and compatible versions of all components)
  • Additionally, we recommend having a Git account and Git binary installed
  • AWS and Git CLI components should be configured and validated with all needed credentials and proper AWS IAM permissions
Omar Chehab
Senior Product Manager - AWS Marketplace
Omar Chehab is a Senior Product Manager for AWS Marketplace. Omar leads the containers initiatives on AWS Marketplace, focused on growing the business, adding sellers, and simplifying the experience for customers. When he is not writing or creating, Omar spends his time with his wife, two kids, his reef tank, and his cat.
Petr McAllister
Partner Engineer - Tetrate
Petr wears multiple hats in Tetrate and serves as a tunnel between Customers/Partners and Engineering. For an extended period of his career, Petr has focused on Network and Security aspects of IT infrastructure.During his career Petr had the opportunity to participate in large-scale projects as a solution architect, designer, system and product engineer.Petr is a huge fan of Open Source and contributes whenever the opportunity presents.
Saptak Sen
VP, Alliance & Partner Integration - Tetrate
Saptak leads Alliances and Partner Integration for Tetrate. Before joining Tetrate, he lead the Partner Integration for the AWS Container Services team. He has also been an Engineering Lead, PM, Developer Evangelist, Technology Consultant at Microsoft, Hortonworks and other startups.

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